Intransline. In more detail.

At first: Ideas. Knowledge. Identity. Experience.

Further, now and in the future: Optimization. Distribution. Structure. Management. Vision, Strategy, Purposes, …, Achievements, Amendments.

Purpose: Development and Realization. To do good and useful. To live.

We – the relatively young organization. We don't have 50, 100-that summer history (while). Our history begins with experience in logistic business. Everyone who works in our collective have knowledge of logistic and transport processes, have sufficient experience of transportation of goods and management of the transport and logistics enterprises.

We consider logistics of one of important spheres of our life not only because it is our work and it brings in the income, or it takes a lot of time but also because it is style of our thinking, it the desire to be engaged every day is what.

We are always open to cooperation.

For us it is important to see and understand the made mistakes, to find their reasons and to make so that further to avoid adverse effects.

For us our achievements and experience are important.

Important, that it us think, what trace we leave in communication with our Clients and that ourselves get during our work.

It is Intransline. You come.

About company

Principles of work

It to what we study in our collective and to that we adhere in work.

In more detail.
Quality of services

Our relation to external and internal processes consists in understanding of their continuity and interdependence. From all set of projects, tasks and actions we tries to see the main thing is a performer, our employee, and the recipient of services – our Client. Ways of achievement of comfort of each of the parties is and there are our

approaches to quality.
Quality management

The logistics – in essence is optimization process. Internal "chains of deliveries" is a virtual structure of the organization; these are information streams between employees, offices, agents, clients; these are processes of formation and movement of documents and these are processes and management and control mechanisms.

We understand that our internal processes do optimum results.
The Career

Movement on a career (professional) ladder is a way from student's training through the first position, the first duties to a position of the head of an average and the top management. Everyone sets before itself(himself) the personal purposes and ways of their achievement. In any couples collective it is that Wednesday where your view of a profession, your experience, your achievements is formed.

In more detail.