Station service Intransline. The stations of the Moscow node.

Intransline provides comprehensive and individual handling operations at the stations of the Moscow node (Kuntsevo-2, Moscow-Tovarnaya-Ryazanskaya, etc..), Including:

receiving, sending, to / from the station containers, cargo arriving by rail, unloading, loading, carrying (support) customs clearance (import, export), export of container to the warehouse of the recipient.

The station forwarding stations of the Moscow node includes:

  • processing of container, wagon, (FCL) cargo;
  • receiving, sending goods by rail;
  • preparation of transportation of oversized and heavy cargo (CTG), railway transport (measuring packag-es);
  • distribution of packages, loading and fastening cargo on the railway rolling stock (on platforms, convey-ors, carriages);
  • definition, selection, supply for loading the necessary rolling stock (wagons, platforms, rail transporters);
  • development and approval of the drawings, schemes of loading and fastening of oversized and heavy-weight cargo-tion (CTG);
  • loading, fastening of various cargoes, including oversized and heavy cargo (CTG);
  • registration and approval of the plan of railway transport;
  • documentary and informational support.

Types of the railway ITL service

Types of ITL Motor Service

International transportations of oversized cargoes
International transportations of oversized cargoes

ITL implements a full spectrum of actions for arrangement of delivery of oversized cargoes from the EU and CIS countries.

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Russian domestic transportations of oversized and heavy cargoes
Russian domestic transportations of oversized and heavy cargoes

Economic substantiation of transportation. Calculation of tariffs, coordination of itineraries, obtaining permissions to move to the destination. Are you familiar with these issues?

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International (multimodal) transportations
International (multimodal) transportations

ITL is a logistics operator with a broad communication network. Arrangements with the major and reliable carriers of the EU, CIS and Russia enable it to build flexible solutions and promptly fulfil logistics tasks for cargo delivery.

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Handling operations
Handling operations

To carry out handling operations in project transportations, ITL normally employs special machinery from the proven market operators of crane technology. Loading and unloading of cargo to/from vehicles, movement of cargoes on storage sites, preparation to shipment etc…

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