Organization of delivery process

Today project carriages by Intransline cover all Russia, Europe, the USA, Canada, some countries of Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan). Our advantage — an integrated approach to each project: from detailed study of a route, schemes of loading fastening, work with documents — before selection at each stage of transportation of a necessary rolling stock, rendering surveyor services and freight insurance.
For successful implementation of the project work is carried out to some stages.


From the Demand completed with you we receive initial information: name and freight characteristics, weight net/gross, quantity of packages, shipment and arrival dates etc.

Taking into account our experience of the organization of a cargo transportation, we in details analyze terms of delivery under the contract (INCOTERMS 2010), estimated places of customs registration, need of certification, insurance, involvement of third-party experts (surveyor). After that comprehensive consulting is carried out: we invite you to dialogue and attentively we study all your requirements and wishes to come to mutual understanding and uniform vision of the project.

Planning and offer preparation

Following the results of consulting the design group in which work can actively take part and the responsible of the Customer is created. After that we model the project, in parallel studying three main directions:

  • Transportation. We model routes of freights, optimum on terms and cost (features of infrastructure of ports, points of transition of borders, venues of loading and unloading works, seasonal and climatic conditions are considered). We select types of vehicles, we appoint performers (agents) at key stages of the project, design and engineering group, places of storage, warehousing and transfer, transit. In import deliveries this the direction of work is closely connected with customs escort
  • Customs escort. We define a place, time and a way of customs registration of freights. We count key indicators of declaring. We define the customs representative and a customs carrier. We prepare accompanying documents, previously we coordinate process of customs registration. If necessary, we accompany certification process
  • Legal maintenance. We define duties, powers and responsibility of the forwarding agent, the customs broker, a carrier, stevedoring, insurance, surveyor and other contract organizations. Representation of interests of the customer in executive bodies and the organizations is possible. We fix the contractual relations of the parties (The agency contract, the Contract of Forwarding service, the Contract in the field of customs affairs, the insurance Contract).
The detailed plan schedule of the project thanks to which you will be able to see a picture as a whole, to estimate temporary, financial, human and other resources becomes result of work on design. The final document of a stage is the offer to the Customer.


At this stage we develop the working draft — the scheme of placement and fastening of bulky or heavy goods on the vehicle, we prepare technical documentation and we coordinate it in the ministries and departments of transit countries of freight.

Obtaining all necessary permissions and coordination on design transportation according to the legislation of the Russian Federation and other states becomes a result of this work. We assume preparation and submission of documents process on obligatory and voluntary certification of production in the Russian Federation (state standard specification), maintenance of obtaining the conclusions of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country of export (if necessary), an expert assessment (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation), submission of demands and registration of policies of assurance of risks in insurance companies of Russia, Europe, the USA.


According to the approved plan schedule, we realize design transportation.

In due time to a place of loading the rolling stock will be given, loading and unloading works and freight fastening are performed, transit actions (customs registration) are organized at entry into the arrival country, sending and freight reception in the destination. Continuous dispatching control allows to receive at any time actual information on current state of freight.


Calculations and economic justification of projects
Calculations and economic justification of projects

Advance planning is preceded surely by an assessment and calculations. The cost, reality of an embodiment, the accounting of features, concrete actions for preliminary preparation for realization – all these signs of the successful management of projects.

There are problems of an assessment and planning for the period?
Obtaining permissions to transportation
Obtaining permissions to transportation

Complex of actions: from filing of application, before obtaining permissions to transportation of bulky and heavy goods on a route.