Quality of internal processes

Comfort in work is an understanding of common goals, the general processes, the role, the tasks and responsibility borders. It is possible to reach it only in system which accurately builds and regulates duties, processes and information streams, thus respects and considers opinion, gives incentives of personal development.

Respect of the Partner (Client) through understanding and respect of, as person, as professional, as uniform collective. Through recognition of mistakes, through education and receiving new knowledge. It also is, in our opinion, quality.

Quality of the relations (external processes)

Change of quality of processes of interaction with our Clients became a consequence of change of quality of internal processes also. The understanding of the full contents logistic processes of their form, the contents and an order of execution allows us to approach deliberately to the organization and execution of each project, beforehand to see possible options of development. Opportunity in due time to provide necessary information on freight and documents allows to concentrate efforts directly on processes, high-quality performance of actions of processing of freights by employees of "the first line". Undoubtedly, this approach influences transparency and understanding our Clients of mechanisms and actions of transportation of freights.

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Principles of work

It to what we study in our collective and to that we adhere in work.

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Quality of services

Our relation to external and internal processes consists in understanding of their continuity and interdependence. From all set of projects, tasks and actions we tries to see the main thing is a performer, our employee, and the recipient of services – our Client. Ways of achievement of comfort of each of the parties is and there are our

approaches to quality.
Quality management

The logistics – in essence is optimization process. Internal "chains of deliveries" is a virtual structure of the organization; these are information streams between employees, offices, agents, clients; these are processes of formation and movement of documents and these are processes and management and control mechanisms.

We understand that our internal processes do optimum results.
The Career

Movement on a career (professional) ladder is a way from student's training through the first position, the first duties to a position of the head of an average and the top management. Everyone sets before itself(himself) the personal purposes and ways of their achievement. In any couples collective it is that Wednesday where your view of a profession, your experience, your achievements is formed.

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