Logistics service

Intransline offers you the logistic service which is completely providing transportation both of international, and in-Russian freights. Complex of services, since warehouse and inspection service, maintenance of customs registration of export with the subsequent transportation, before ensuring customs registration of import, certification, insurance of freights.

We will make the maximum efforts in order that your purposes were realized.

Our logistics services

Transportation of goods

We will develop for you the necessary logistic decisions conforming to your requirements, the purposes and tasks. Let's provide coordination of actions of all participants within uniform transport and logistic process. Let's organize execution drawn up actions in compliance of the coordinated plans.

Submission of transport logistics to productions of our Clients is our task number one.

Apply our opportunities to your plans.

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Design transportations

Design transportations include transportation of sets of the large-size and bulky goods demanding a combination of standard vehicles with special equipment and the equipment. As a rule, such transportations have deeply individual character and demand accurate planning: the slightest mistake can turn back serious financial and time expenditure.

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Customs registration, insurance, certification of goods

Export-import transport projects are directly connected with obligatory actions of customs registration, obtaining the conclusions and allowing documents. The full list of questions, from consultation and recommendations, demands and coordination of customs procedures, before direct maintenance of passing of customs formalities.

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