The terms of using of web-sites

General provisions

When using a site, (further, under the site name (a domain name), it is understood names: and including domain names of the third and subsequent levels (subdomains), appendices) the conditions given below work.

In a course see and/or site uses, the User confirms a consent with all conditions given below, on behalf of himself or on behalf of the organization which it represents.


Concepts and designations

Maintenance of a site: information, graphics, products, functions, functionality, services and the links being on a site

ITL – LLC INTRANSLINE and its structural divisions.

The user – the direct person who is speaking on behalf of the individual or the legal entity, carrying-out viewing of the contents of pages of a site (a domain name:, and use of the appendices placed on a site or having access through the interface of a site.

The parties - ITL, the User.


Order of using site

The site is intended only for use by clients of ITL, both real, and potential, for interaction with the ITL company and can't be used by any other persons or the organizations or for any other purposes.

Only the persons being clients of ITL or planning to become them in the future, can use for the transportations information on transportations, tracking, tariffs, estimates, articles, to use other information and services. It is strictly forbidden to use a site for providing information or preparation of the transportations which are carried out by other carriers.


Registration of users

The user can be registered on to get access to functions and the online services

In some countries separate services cannot be provided. In the future other opportunities access to which will be provided after registration on a site can be added.

Being registered on a site, the User confirms the consent to provide the exact information valid for the moment of registration as it is specified on the page of registration of a site, and then to support and immediately to update information in your profile at any changes in your data.

Some services on a site are available only to the clients being in the certain countries. The user agrees that at registration he you get access only to those services on a site which are provided for the country in which there is an account of the User of a site ITL.

Granting to the User of services with use of a site is carried out after passing by the User of authorization — procedure of check by the ITL Company of the rights of the User on access to necessary information and to use of the corresponding software products (services, appendices).

Authentication of the User when providing service is carried out by the ITL Company on login (to ID, contract numbers) and to the passwords chosen by the User at filling of the questionnaire for the conclusion of the Contract.

Authorization of the User (the Client, the Customer) is carried out at each his appeal to appropriate section "For clients" on a site. At termination of work repeated access to it is provided only at repeated authorization.

Use by the User of login (ID, contract numbers) and the password at commission of actions by it on a site admit the section "For Clients" the ITL Company analog of the autographic signature of the User (Customer).

Use of login and the password of the User generates the legal consequences similar to use of autographic signatures according to requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

All actions made on a site under login and the password of the User, admit made personally the User.

The user independently bears responsibility for safety and nondisclosure of passwords, and also for the actions made on a site by use of login and the password, belonging to the User.

The user undertakes to report immediately the ITL companies about any unauthorized use of a user name and the password and to quit each time when you finish work with a site the system.


Information and changes

The site and its filling can change, be removed or be updated at any time without the prevention.

Looking through or using a site, the User you express the consent with all made changes and additions. On a site there can be the additional conditions regulating use of separate functions, features, information and appendices.

The ITL company undertakes all necessary measures to exclude existence of viruses on website pages, but can't guarantee their total absence and doesn't bear responsibility for consequences of actions of viruses. Take the appropriate measures of safety before information loading from these web pages.


Use termination

The ITL company can stop site work, stop it or change a site at any time without the prevention, also the ITL company and on an own discretion can block at any time (to stop it or temporarily to stop) access on a site to any User.

Thus access to other Users will be active.


Property right

The site and its filling are protected by laws of the Russian Federation.

Providing access on a site, the ITL company transfers nobody any property rights to a site or to any filling which is available on a site or available through site. Users of a site have no right, to change, translate, transfer, extend, to adapt, reproduce, decompile or disassemble any part of a site or its filling.

When copying any part of materials of a site the following notice of copyright has to be added:

© 2013 LLC INTRANSLINE. All rights reserved.


Guarantee certificates

The site and its filling are provided able "as is".

The ITL company and its licensors refuse any guarantee certificates obviously expressed or meant, including everything without an exception implied guarantees of suitability to realization, use in definite purposes, a legal title and non-infringement of intellectual property rights concerning filling of a site and your ability or inability to use a site and its filling.

The ITL company completely removes from itself all guarantee certificates concerning a site, Internet functioning, both obviously expressed, and implied, including implied guarantees of suitability to realization and use in definite purposes, but without being limited to them. The ITL company doesn't give guarantees that software solutions will satisfy requirements of all clients, or that made operations won't be interrupted and will pass without mistakes, or that any defect in software solutions will be corrected. Moreover, the ITL company doesn't give any guarantees and doesn't do any representations concerning results of work with software solutions concerning their opportunities, correctness, accuracy, reliability or other parameters. No information stated in a written or oral form, representation or the councils provided by the ITL company or its authorized representative, will exist the basis for guarantee certificates.



All responsibility for use of a site and its filling lies only on the User(s).

In any case the ITL company won't bear responsibility before you either any other persons or the organizations which have demanded through you indemnification (direct, indirect, collateral or others) according to any theory of the right for any mistakes on a site, use or impossibility of use of a site and its filling, including everything without an exception losses, such as the missed benefit, the transaction failure, lost information or damage of computer systems even if you reported the ITL companies about possibility of such damages.



You agree to protect, protect and guarantee compensation of damage of the ITL company, its related companies, it employees, workers and representatives in the relation of any and all claims who result from violation of any provision of the real conditions or which result from your any actions connected with this site.

Legal relations

Conditions of using the services ITL in delivery of freights and other services connected with it contain in corresponding the Contracts (Agreements) signed on behalf of ITL.

At emergence of contradictions between information on delivery of freights of ITL and the services connected with it, containing on a site, and information on delivery of freights of ITL and the services connected with it, containing the Contracts (Agreements), primary force will be had by information, containing Contracts (Agreements).


Links to other sites

The site contains (can contain) references to sites (the Internet resources) the third parties.

Neither these sites, nor the companies to which they belong, aren't supervised by the ITL company. The ITL company doesn't do any representations concerning information presented on such sites, concerning quality or suitability of products or the services offered by persons or the organizations, mentioned on these sites.

The ITL company didn't carry out any tests and doesn't do any representations concerning a correctness of work, productivity or quality of any program providing being on such sites. The user independently investigates and estimates risks which can arise when using the programs being in a network the Internet, before work with them.


Confidentiality and other conditions

Any data provided by Users on a site, are confidential information and don't reveal the company ITL

Above Situation isn't applied:

  • to data which can be requested by competent authorities in an order established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • to the data which are subject to disclosure on the judicial decision which has entered validity.

Information distribution to an unlimited circle of people only about the fact of provided information also doesn't demand a consent of the User.


Observance of the legislation and the applied right

The user assumes all duties on observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation and any other country, being in which he can come on a site to get access, to use, export, re-export or import any filling which is available on a site or available by means of this site.

The user confirms and agrees that won't export or import any filling of a site to those countries export or import concerning which is forbidden under laws of the Russian Federation, and also that the User you aren't the citizen of such country, also, that filling of a site won't be used by it for commission and/or preparation of illegal and illegal actions.

This Agreement on use of a site is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. If for any reason the appropriate judicial instance recognizes that any provision of this Agreement or part it have no lawful force, this situation has to be applied in the maximum degree allowed by the law.

Any statement of claim concerning a site or this Agreement has to be shown to the resolved limitation period from the moment of emergence of a claim or the basis for the claim, or it won't be valid owing to the expiration of limitation period, thus the claim has to move in appropriate judicial instance Moscow (Russian Federation). This Agreement can't be changed without the written consent of the ITL company.