Quality management

Intransline strives for compliance of a control system and quality control of provided services to requirements of the state standard ("ISO 9001:2011 — Quality management system"). Reduction of intra organizational processes to requirements quality management system is the permanent job directed, in an ultimate goal, on increase of satisfaction of our Clients. We consider that full development and introduction of this system will allow to provide our consumers with confidence of our ability to render high-quality services.

Principles of quality management

  • Orientation to the consumer:

    We entirely strive for understanding and our consumers, their current and future requirements. Only reduction of services to characteristics demanded in the market will allow us to reach true development.

  • Leadership of the head

    Focus on perspective vision, strategic approach, management on the purposes and tasks is the key to success.

  • Involvement of employees

    We seek for direct involvement in processes of activity of the organization of employees of all levels. We understand that achievement of the objectives is possible only at full understanding and acceptance by collective of the purposes and problems of activity on the basis of a personal motivational involvement.

  • Process approach

    The complete description of processes, understanding of their "entrances" and "exits", parameters demanded information and data to each internal consumer allows to optimize time and general expenditure on execution of private (minor) and main processes in the organization.

  • System approach

    Our aspiration on achievement of planned results is based on a clear understanding of interdependence of processes in uniform system – the organization. The clear understanding of the principles of organizational systems, observance of modern requirements and approaches to their construction allows to consider as much as possible existing opportunities and influence factors in the course of activity.

  • Continuous improvement

    The choice "on development" is a continuous process of search of versions of the solution of tasks, search of opportunities of their optimization. So we gain competitive advantages.

  • Decisions, factual

    Despite constantly changing environmental conditions, complexity of interpretation of multidirectional factors of impact on activity, we are guided by objective, actual, estimated information and data in decision-making. Creation and development of system of the balanced indicators is a full cycle

  • Mutually beneficial cooperation

    Support on the mutual accounting of opinions and requirements, opportunities and the purposes. We know that the joint open and fair solution of tasks creates the base of effective processes and optimum results.

Intransline approved connection in uniform system (the uniform program module) some software products allowing accurately to structure processes and document flow of the organization. The system allows to exercise operational control and activity control. The important goal – the accurate accounting of parameters of logistic projects with considerable decrease in volume of information (documentary) exchange between structures divisions and the staff of the organization is reached. Thereby considerably quality and data processing speed, comfort level in work of employees increases.

About company

Principles of work

It to what we study in our collective and to that we adhere in work.

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Quality of services

Our relation to external and internal processes consists in understanding of their continuity and interdependence. From all set of projects, tasks and actions we tries to see the main thing is a performer, our employee, and the recipient of services – our Client. Ways of achievement of comfort of each of the parties is and there are our

approaches to quality.
Quality management

The logistics – in essence is optimization process. Internal "chains of deliveries" is a virtual structure of the organization; these are information streams between employees, offices, agents, clients; these are processes of formation and movement of documents and these are processes and management and control mechanisms.

We understand that our internal processes do optimum results.
The Career

Movement on a career (professional) ladder is a way from student's training through the first position, the first duties to a position of the head of an average and the top management. Everyone sets before itself(himself) the personal purposes and ways of their achievement. In any couples collective it is that Wednesday where your view of a profession, your experience, your achievements is formed.

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